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Cancelling your Account

PLEASE NOTE: the info below relates to consumer accounts only (and not school, library or government-related user accounts)

Cancelling your Big Interview account is a simple process. Once you cancel your account, you'll be automatically removed from our system and prevented from any future charges. We'll be sorry to see you go, but understand that there's plenty of reasons for leaving- hopefully it's because you've just landed your dream job!

First, login to your Big Interview account at

Navigate to your "My Account" page

Then, select the "Billing" section

Click "Cancel Subscription"

Fill out a brief reason for cancelling your account (there is a 10 character minimum in the form), and submit by clicking "Cancel Subscription". The more information you can give us here, the better we can make Big Interview in the future (whether for you or other users)!

You'll receive confirmation that the cancellation has been successful. Thanks for using Big Interview, and best of luck!

Updated on: 30/03/2021

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