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The Practice Area

This is where the rubber meets the road. Here you will be able to continually practice all kinds of interview questions until you come away a lean, mean interviewing machine.

STEP 1: Click PRACTICE INTERVIEWS on your navigation bar.

You’ll now see three main interview practice categories to choose from:

GENERAL - This section covers about 80% of the questions you’re likely to get in a job interview.

RESIDENCY SPECIALTIES – Here you’ll be able to choose practice interviews

BY COMPETENCY – here you can choose from a variety of skill-sets and strengths your interviewer may be looking for in the right candidate.

STEP 2: If you click GENERAL, you’ll be taken directly to a list of interviewers tailored to a wide array of types of experience. Whether you’re a C-Level exec wanting to polish up before meeting the board of directors, or you’re still in school trying to line up an internship, there are interviews in the GENERAL section to serve just about everybody.

STEP 3: Begin Your Mock Interview – click the PLAY button under your interviewer. This will begin playing an interview question.

To move to the next question you will click (as I’m sure you’ve guessed) “Next Question”. Now let’s take a brief look at the recording function.

STEP 4: Recording & Reviewing

Click START RECORDING – to begin recording. There will be a 3 second countdown to give you a moment to prepare to answer.

Play Icon - play back the answer you’ve just recorded for review.

Save Answer – after recording an answer, you’ll have the option of saving by clicking SAVE ANSWER

Re-record - if you'd like to redo an answer, you can re-record as many times as you need.

Trash Icon / Delete function - to get rid of a recording, you can also use the trash icon.

STEP 5: Visit MY VIDEOS to review your saved answers. Once an answer is saved you can do a lot with it including reviewing, rating and sharing. All of that is covered in the next lesson.

Updated on: 30/03/2021

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